Gallery of Quilts

Here are some of my  quilts, a bit of a jumble but I hope you enjoy seeing them.. They are mostly from my archive, a mixture of techniques.

 All  Because the Cyclist Loves His Mum
For my son. 

Wild Places
An early landscape in my free cutting style of patchwork.
The landscape of our border country in spired this and all the other landscapes

 again the Herefordshire and borders landscape.

Landscape for Offa,
the famous Offa's Dyke inspired this.
Freely cut patchwork with digital imagery.

Peace Regained,
a reflection on the peaceful landscape where in medieval times so much blood was shed.

Red and Green
Landscape using my least favourite colour scheme.

Vallum Magnum
Magnificent valleys abound in the border country.
A one off that I'm quite fond of,
after a workshop with Nancy Crow, re-evaluating my work

Some City & Guilds work

Six in The garden inspired this piece,
stencilled using Chromacoal, then machine quilted.

Challenge quilt for Quilting by the Lake, it now resides with my son in Seattle.

Six in The Garden again

And a detial

A free cut triptych.

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  1. Dearest Marie...
    I hope you are looking down on us from where you are and know how much your art is beloved!!! You are loved and will be sorely missed. I will always treasure your works.... God bless you...and all of those who are keeping you in memory...